Preparing for an International Move: Series Intro

For those of you who have ever been intrigued by the idea of moving abroad, this blog series on preparing for an international move is for you.  Over the next seven weeks here at Pilgrimage to Somewhere, I will share one post each week with suggestions and reflections on getting ready to move countries.  Whether you are an expat with several years abroad under your belt like me, or you are considering setting off on your first international adventure, this series will offer you tips to ease your transition, and, hopefully, a bit of inspiration for your journey.

Schedule of posts in the series:

April 29:  Introduction
May 6:      You Gotta Make it Rain (or at least drizzle)
May 13:   Erwin, Just Email the Embassy
May 20:  What’s Love Got to Do with Moving?
May 27:  Those Documents Won’t Apostille Themselves
June 3:     Is the Two Bag Limit Too Optimistic?
June 10: Sell, Sell, Sell!
June 17: Conclusion:  Saying Goodbye and Embracing Hello

3 thoughts on “Preparing for an International Move: Series Intro

  1. I’m hoping so! I remember when I first moved abroad being confused about the whole process and not really finding the information I was looking for. Hopefully I can share some helpful tidbits over the next few weeks 🙂


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