Lent, a Poem, and a Prophet Walk Into a Bar…

One of the most intriguing aspects of Lent is not its call to lay aside sin or take up one’s cross, but rather its focus on reuniting confused, hurting, messy humanity with the loving perfection of Divinity.  As we move ever closer to the sacred drama of Holy Week, this Sunday’s readings ask us to consider the point of all our fasting, prayer, and preparation.  It is not that we would become some new and improved saintly version of ourselves, but rather that we would return to God (or, better put, allow God to return to us).  Through the Prophet Jeremiah, God proclaims:

“(…) I will be their God, and they shall be my people” (Jer. 31:33 NRSV).

This Lent, the encouragement we ought to give one another is to look for ways to welcome God back into our lives.  So often we search out acceptance, love, and fulfillment in possessions and people.  These may provide the fix we seek… for a time, but they always leave us wanting more, wanting better.  Wherever you find yourself on this #pilgrimagetosomewhere, invite God to step into your life a little more than you did yesterday.  Tell Her your doubts, explain to Her your fears, and peel away those grimy bandages that cover up your years of hurt.  God is big enough and understanding enough to take it.

Prayer for the Spiritual Eclectic

They told me as a child that You would be my friend,
They told me as a teen that You would be my judge.
They told me in the church that You would be my bread;
I still am not sure what You would are trying to tell me.

In the noise of the day
I ignore the opportunities to think of You
like a self-centered partner, I message You only when I am in want.
If this relationship is going to work, I’ve got to do the ‘work’
Here, in the noise of the day.

I tell them that I am still searching, and that that’s okay.
I tell them that I am an eclectic soul, and that that’s okay.
I tell them that I like the idea of community
-but find Christianity’s moral high ground a sandy foundation-
You are probably unsure of what I am trying to tell You.
(I’m not sure if that’s okay…)

In the quiet of the night
You come to me, arms opened
You, the Lover I’ve searched for in others’ embrace
You, the Fulfiller of the emptiness within
Here, in the quiet of the night.

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